Robin Hood

Robin Hood

The Prince of Outlaws

by Carola Oman, S. Van Abbe (Illustrator)
1984 Reprint, ©1949, ISBN: 9780460050074
Hardcover, 242 pages
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The story of Robin Hood—that legendary hero who robbed the rich to give to the poor—first became popular in the fourteenth century. But whether the character of Robin Hood ever really existed or was made up from a succession of dashing outlaw captains living some time between the Norman Conquest and the Wars of the Roses will never be known for sure. Whatever the origin of the myth, however, by 1350 ballads about Robin Hood and his Merry Men were being sung all over England, and men dressed as him, Little John, Friar Tuck and Will Scarlet performed plays about him, Maid Marion eventually being added to the group as Robin's fair companion, and Queen of the Greenwood.

Imaginatively retold by Carola Oman, with striking drawings by S. van Abbé, these much loved and dramatic stories about one of England's most romantic heroes will continue to fascinate young readers for generations to come.

With twenty two line drawings in the text by & van Abbé, RBA, ARE




Part One: Robin Hood and Sir Richard

  1. 'Welcome to the Greenwood!'
  2. At St. Mary's Abbey

Part Two: The Sheriff of Nottingham

  1. Reynold Greenleaf
  2. The Sheriff in Sherwood
  3. Alan a Dale's Weddind
  4. Friar Tuck's Story
  5. Robin Taken Prisoner
  6. Robin's Escape

Part Three: Robin Hood and His Merry Men

  1. Robin Hood and the Bishop
  2. Young Gamwell
  3. Sir Richard keeps his Tryst
  4. The Prince of Aragorn's Giants
  5. Robin Hood and the Scotsman

Part Four: Robin, Marian, and the King

  1. The Noble Fisherman
  2. Maid Marian
  3. Rose the Red and White Lily
  4. The Silver Arrow
  5. "I will come again'
  6. Robin Hood's Pardon
  7. The Last of Robin Hood


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