Robin Hood

Robin Hood

by Carol Heyer
Hardcover, 32 pages
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In a long ago and faraway time, unhappiness engulfed the people of England. The poor and hungry commoners of this land lived in great fear of their ruthless leaders. . . .

The daring adventures of Robin Hood come alive in these pages as he and his band of merry men battle evil and help the poor and downtrodden.

Join England's legendary outlaws as they come to the aid of the troubled knight Sir Richard of the Lea, whose son has been wrongfully held for ransom by the wicked Sheriff of Nottingham. Cheer for these unruly champions of justice as they match wits and archery skills against the greedy Prior of St. Mary's, the conniving Sheriff, and, finally, the King of England.

A delightful blend of contemporary and legendary language offers readers a timeless lesson in greed and compassion, while luminous acrylic paintings depict the magical allure of Sherwood Forest and its hearty inhabitants.

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