Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Windermere Series 3
by Edith Heal, Philip Schuyler Allen (Introduction), Dan Content (Illustrator)
Publisher: Rand McNally
1936 edition, ©1928, Item: 91257
Hardcover, 626 pages
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Robin Hood! Nowhere in all literature is there to be found the like of this medieval hero, this picturesque avenger of the wrongs of his lowly countrymen. His name is synonymous with adventure and romance.

In these pages, so beautifully illustrated by Dan Content, the legends and stories which constitute the Robin Hood cycle have been retold with color and vigor. So effective is the authors style that the young reader becomes one with the green-clad outlaws who hunted the king's own deer in Sherwood Forest and gayly took from the rich to give to the poor.

from the dust jacket

To our knowledge, this retelling of Robin Hood was published twice for the Windermere Series, first for the 3rd series in 1928 (this one includes 8 illustrations), then again in 1936/1938 for the 4th series (this edition includes 5 illustrations). The title does not appear to have been included in 1950s era Readers set. —our thanks to Ms. Kearney for her assistance on this!

My favorite Windermere and one of my all-time favorite books.  I've never read Robin Hood by a different author because I like this one so much. --Ms. Kearney

  • 1st edition: This title was not part of the first series per the 1918-1919 catalog.
  • 2nd edition: Probably not released in the second series.
  • 3rd edition: Copyright 1928. Code 12MA-28, 8 illustrations
  • 4th edition: Copyright 1928. Edition of 1938.  Code  G.  Lime green dj; no image on dj spine, 5 illustrations.
  • 5th edition: Not included in the set of 20 Readers.
  • 6th edition: Not released as a paperback.

Table of Contents:

Book the First: Birth of an Outlaw

  • For England and the Saxons
  • More than a Brave Heart
  • A Young Outlaw is Born
  • Apprenticeship to Manhood
  • "As Crooked as Robin Hood's Bow"

Book the Second: Forming of the Band

  • Robin Hood Seeks Little John
  • The Sheriff Shows His Hand
  • Robin Hood to the Rescue
  • Two Birds Meet in Sherwood Forest
  • The Seeking of Friar Tuck
  • Midge the Miller's Son Plays Beggar

Book the Third: Pranks of the Merry Men

  • Roger de Lacy Entertains a Stranger
  • Will Scarlet Saves a Lady
  • Robin Hood Goes to Mass
  • Robin Hood Turns Sailor
  • Robin Hood's Journey Homeward
  • Allan-a-Dale is Wed

Book the Fourth: Winter-Bound in the Caves

  • A Sorry Rescue
  • Christmas and the Gospel of Silver Marks
  • Goodby to the Caves

Book the Fifth: Robin Hood Meets with People of Importance

  • Little John Concerns Himself with England
  • Our Lady Discharges a Knight's Debt
  • Robin Hood Pleases the Queen
  • Robin Hood Baits the Sheriff with the Aid of a Potter

Book the Sixth: Visitors to Sherwood

  • A Shadow of Long Ago
  • Lady Marian Comes to Sherwood
  • Lady Fitzwalter Plays with the Outlaws
  • The Bishop of Hereford again Meets the Outlaws

Book the Seventh: A Nobler Role than Outlaw

  • Robin Hood Plies another Trade
  • Lady Fitzwalter Escorted to London
  • For the Saxons 
  • Rescuing Three Squires while Bearing the News

Book the Eighth: The Passing of Old Friends

  • The Immortal Robin Hood
  • The Golden Arrow Tournament
  • "I Lie with Iseult's Dust 'Neath Shrovetide Yew"

Book the Ninth: The Final Victory

  • "A Rose Eternal"
  • Together Again
  • The Siege of Nottingham
  • Robin Hood Meets the King
  • "In Summer Time when Leaves Grow Green"
  • The End of Singing Birds
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