Robin Hood

Robin Hood

by Henry Gilbert, Frances Brundage (Illustrator)
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Hardcover, 252 pages
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The legend lives on. Deep in the greenwoods, in forest glades dappled with the warm sunshine of romance, dwell Robin Hood and his band of merry men. Tyrants and unscrupulous abbots quake in terror—for these heroes are always at the ready to sally forth and right the wrongs of the world, robbing the rich and giving to the poor.

Camouflaged in leaf-green, sharpshooters with their longbows, they are daring guerrillas, honest outlaws, bold and brave. Propelled by circumstance and that dogged English love of freedom, they wreak vengeance on the cruel, the swindling rich and the grasping clergy, in protection of the common folk. The legendary figure of Robin Hood is the archetypal hero, a medieval superman, whose gallantry, vigour and courage have made him universally popular in fiction, film, and song.

The tales stem from some forty ballads and poems, the core of which have their origins as far back as the fourteenth century. But their historical basis has been lost in the mists of time, and confused by the accretions of imaginative storytellers over the centuries. Links have also been made with characters and spirits of folklore and the supernatural. It is useless to seek further for historical evidence, far better to settle back with this enthralling account of the life and adventures of the outlaws, based upon the ballads—but with all the excitement and romance of a first-class novel.

This edition does not include all the chapters from the original, with chapters 3, 6, and 7 removed. See the full list here.


  1. How Robin Became an Outlaw
  2. How Little John Stole the Forester's Dinner, and of His Meeting with Robin Hood
  3. How Robin Hood Met Father Tuck
  4. How by the Help of Robin Hood and Jack, Son of Wilkin, Alan-a-Dale was Wed to the Lady Alice
  5. How Robin Hood Slew the Sheriff
  6. King Richard Meets Robin
  7. The Burning of Evil Hold
  8. Of the Death of Robin Hood
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