Robin Hood in the Greenwood

Robin Hood in the Greenwood

by Jane Curry (Reteller), Julie Downing (Illustrator)
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Stories about Robin Hood and his band of merry men, who rob from the rich to give to the poor but never harm women or honest men, have been favorites for over five hundred years. Here are lively retellings of seven of the tales, companion or the author's Robin Hood and His Merry Men.

In this book, Robin Hood meets Friar Tuck and gets a ducking in the bargain, Maid Marian escapes from the evil Sheriff of Nottingham's men into Sherwood Forest where Robin Hood and his band take great pleasure in outwitting the Sheriff as he searches for her. In return, the Sheriff sets out to capture Robin and his outlaws by staging a great archery contest with a prize no archer can resist—a solid gold arrow. Robin and his men don disguises and walk merrily into the trap. They escape the Sheriff with the help of Sir Richard of Lee, only to find themselves hunted by the king in their greatest adventure of all.

Colorful characters, a rich blend of comedy, adventure, romance, danger, suspense, and surprise fill these fast-paced stories that, together with vigorous drawings, will delight today's young readers.


  • Robin Hood and the Archer Friar
  • Robin Hood and the Plucky Page
  • The Golden Arrow
  • The Outlaws Find an Old Friend
  • The Rescue of Sir Richard
  • The King Rides North
  • Robin Hood and the King
  • Some Words
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