Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Robin Hood and His Merry Men

by Jane Curry (Reteller), John Lytle (Illustrator)
Hardcover, 42 pages
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When fifteen-year-old Robin Hood is declared an outlaw after he is tricked into shooting one of the the king's deer, he flees into Sherwood Forest to join the homeless folk who live there.

In time Robin Hood becomes their leader and the enemy of men, like the greedy sheriff of Nottingham, who add to their riches by cheating poor farmers or good folk like Sir Richard of Lee of their land and money, Robin and his band of men—with colorful character like Little John and Will Scarlet—save Sir Richard's lands and make a merry game out of outwitting and robbing the rich so that they can clothe and feed the poor.

The adventures of Robin Hood are retold here in seven chapters filled with gusto and high humor and are illustrated with action-packed pictures. This introduction to the famous outlaw is sure to excite and thrill young readers!



  • How Robin Became an Outlaw
  • Robin Hood and Little John
  • Little John and the Sheriff
  • The Sheriff Comes to Sherwood
  • The Sorrowful Knight
  • Sir Richard and the Abbot
  • Robin and the Cellarer
  • Some Words
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