Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Robin Hood and His Merry Men

Retold for Younger Readers

Early Reader Series No. 28
Publisher: Hampster Books
©1955, Item: 89702
Hardcover, 76 pages
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We don't know exactly how many Hampster Early Readers exist—though we know they were numbered to at least 43 (After Tea Tales)—or when these books were published (guessing mid-1950s), but this British series includes titles like Alice in Wonderland, Black Beauty, Heidi, King Arthur, Tortoise and the Hare, and Treasure Island

This version of Robin Hood does not cite an author or illustrator, but it has a different take on the stories than many children's versions, featuring Guy of Gisborne more strongly than the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Roger of Evil Hold even over Prince John's rebellion. The illustrations are juvenile, but I like them! 


  • How Robert of Locksley Became Robin Hood
  • How Robin Won a Silver Bugle
  • How Robin Hood Met Little John
  • How Little John Met His Match
  • How Guy of Gisborne Came Home from Sherwood Forest
  • How Friar Tuck Joined the Band
  • How Maid Marian Was Wedded
  • The Prisoner in Evil Hold
  • How the Abbot was Paid
  • How the Black Knight Came Again
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