Robert Thomas

Robert Thomas
Thomas was born in Atlanta, Georgia on June 4, 1928, and later graduated from Georgia Tech.  He received more education from both Moody Bible Institute and Faith Theological Seminary before working as a teacher and grading assistant at Dallas Theological Seminary where he earned his Th.D.  Moving to California, he took a position as a professor of the New Testament at Talbot Theological Seminary.  During these 18 years he also spent time as the New Testament Language and Literature department's chairman.  In 1987 he left Talbot but stayed in California, joining The Master's Seminary in Sun Valley.

An editor and an author of almost 20 book-length works, Thomas served as the general editor for the New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance and edited A Harmony of the Gospels.  He has penned many articles and presented his papers at sessions of the Evangelical Theological Society, where he was president from 1989-1990 at the national level.  Today Thomas continues to teach the New Testament in California and be active in his local church.


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