Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee

A Novel

Heroes in Time
by John J. Dwyer
Publisher: Broadman & Holman
Trade Paperback, 775 pages
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Historical Setting: American Civil War

He towered above a generation full of larger-than-life people and events. Simple yet enigmatic, he was one of America's greatest military leaders but spearheaded one of its greatest religious revivals. Though without peer as a captain of war, he faced a new and awful kind of conflict he did not understand. Possessed of surpassing kindness and piety, he secretly feared that war held too much of an attraction for him.

Only when the guns stilled after Appomattox did Robert E. Lee and his beloved wife Mary and their family realize the challenges they and their people faced loomed more desperate in the "peace" of Reconstruction than in war.

Painted across the epic canvas of war-torn America, from the elite and corrupt corridors of Washington power to the lovely and savage fields of the devastated South, Robert E. Lee chronicles like never before a giant of American history and the world in which he lived.

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