Roaring Twenties

Roaring Twenties

Perspectives on History Series
by David C. King
Publisher: History Compass
Trade Paperback, 60 pages
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Historical Setting: America, 1919-1929 A. D.

The decade of the 1920s began in turmoil and ended in turmoil—but, in between, Americans breezed through the amazing years known as the "Roaring Twenties." It was a rambunctious, fast-paced time, punctuated by prohibition and gangsters, jazz and flappers, movie stars and sports heroes, easy money and playing the stock market.

With the new prosperity, new technology produced a vast array of things for people to buy, and, for the first time in our history, both entertainment and sports became big business.

But others fought to preserve what they saw as the "real America" of friendly villages and hard-working farm families. They supported prohibition, sided with a government crackdown on suspected Communists, pushed Congress to pass a series of new immigration laws, and thousands even joined the revived Ku Klux Klan.

This anthology tells their story through letters, journals, poetry, eyewitness news accounts, government documents, and photos.

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