Road to Camlann

Road to Camlann

Arthurian Trilogy #3
by Rosemary Sutcliff
Publisher: Puffin Books
Mass market paperback, 142 pages
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King Arthur knew that the darkest days of his kingdom were at hand. There were rumors in his court of love between Sir Lancelot, the round table's greatest knight, and Queen Guenever. And Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate son had arrived at Camelot—vowing to destroy everything it stood for and to gain the throne for himself.

Whether or not the fellowship of the Round Table could survive would be decided at the last terrible battle—on the plain of Camlann.

In The Road to Camlann, Rosemary Sutcliff recreates the epic and tragic story of the last years of Camelot, bringing to a fitting conclusion her magnificent trilogy of retellings of the Arthurian legends that she began with The Sword and the Circle and The Light in the Forest.

—from the dust jacket of the American edition

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