River of Grace

River of Grace

A Story of John Calvin

by Joyce McPherson
Publisher: Greenleaf Press
2nd Edition, ©2003, ISBN: 9781882514540
Trade Paperback, 159 pages
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Historical Setting: Switzerland, 1509-1564 A.D.

John Calvin was one of the foremost leaders of the Protestant Reformation. It has been said that if Luther sounded the trumpet, Calvin was the one who orchestrated the score. His writings are still considered some of the clearest instruction on the Bible ever written. Many Protestant denominations trace their roots to the Genevan church which he pastored. He also founded the Genevan Academy which established the standard for excellence in education and devotion to Scriptures that endures among evangelical schools to this day.

The story of John Calvin furnishes a rare picture of life during the Protestant Reformation. Even more intriguing is the story of John Calvin himself. After a surprising conversion to the Christian faith, the young Calvin dedicated his life to restoring the teachings of the Bible to the church. He wrote: "Let us become submissive to God, and then He will convey to us the by His Word, nothing but sweetness, nothing but delights." His story is the testimony of a man who found the delight of God's grace:

"God...makes us rich with the river of His grace...So that those things which men call fortuitous events, are so many proofs of divine providence, and more especially of fatherly compassion, furnishing ground of joy to the righteous."
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