RightStart Manipulative Set

RightStart Manipulative Set

2nd Edition, Publisher Catalog #2MS
Price: $209.50

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Manipulatives are crucial to the success of RightStart Math. Though the course famously relies on the Abacus and card games, there are quite a few other resources they incorporate. For the 1st edition series, RightStart sold a manipulative package for level A and then Add-On sets for levels B-E. For the 2nd Edition, RightStart incorporates more manipulatives sooner, so that you'll use most of the manipulatives from the beginning. And they're all right here. Though this set is definitely an initial investment, you'll save quite a bit of money in the long haul.

This kit includes the manipulatives needed for every level. Get the RS2 Manipulative Set with your Second Edition Book Bundle, then all you need for the following years are the next Book Bundle because you already have all the manipulatives. You are ready to learn math the RightStart™ way! 

Included in the RS2 Math Set are:

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