Right From Wrong

Right From Wrong

by Josh McDowell
Trade Paperback, 352 pages
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The headlines sceram daily of classroom violence, children selling drugs, gang killings, and rampant teenage sex - the natural behavior of a generation that has lost its belief in objective right and wrong. To them, truth is a matter of taste; morality of individual preference.

And these are not just the kids across the street; they are the young people in our own churches - in our own families. Church leaders and parents are painfully aware that their kids are veering away from biblical values at an alarming rate. Josh McDowells's new, extensive study of evangelical churched youth shows that 57 percent cannot affirm that an objective standard for right and wrong even exists. This study uncovers many other appalling trends:

  • 66 percent lied to their parents within the past three months
  • 36 percent cheated within the past three months
  • 23 percent rtried to hurt someone i the same period
  • 55 percent have engaged in sexual activity by age 18

In Right from Wrong Josh McDowell along with Bob Hostetler provide the tools to reverse this alarming decline. In vintage McDowell fashion, this book provides families and the church with a "truth apologetic" - a defense of truth that will enable adults to equip their youth with the ability to resist the erosion of their values and determine what is right from wrong.

Right from Wrong offers not a quick fix, but a thorough, biblical and practical blueprint for understanding moral absolutes and passing on core values to the next generation.

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