Ridgewood Analogies 5

Ridgewood Analogies 5

by George Libonate
Trade Paperback, 51 pages
Price: $11.79

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Ridgewood Analogies 4contains an introductory section about how analogies work and some practice exercises. The rest of book 4 is organized by subject areas:

  • Geography
  • History and Government
  • Language Arts
  • Math

Students solve analogies in each of these areas, which enable them to use information they are learning in the subject areas. In all exercises, students provide missing terms in analogies and write out a phrase that describes the particular relationship; for example, a bat is used to hit a ball, just as a racket is used to hit a tennis ball. Teachers then have an opportunity to assess students’ grasp of content, as well as their ability to use analogies to identify relationships and make connections.

Skills Addressed

  • Categorizing
  • Vocabulary across content areas
  • Similarities and differences
  • Analogies
  • Comparison
  • Critical thinking
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