Ridgewood Analogies 1

Ridgewood Analogies 1

by George Libonate
Trade Paperback, 51 pages
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Ridgewood Analogies 1 teaches students how to solve 5 different kinds of analogies that exemplify 5 different kinds of relationships:

  • Descriptive analogies
  • Comparative analogies
  • Serial analogies
  • Causal analogies
  • Categorical analogies

Within each category, students encounter 4 levels of complexity. In the novice section, students choose 2 out of 6 words within a frame, which are related in the same way, and connect them with an arrow. In the apprentice level, students complete an analogy that is missing 1 word by choosing a word from the Word Bank to complete an analogy. In the masters level students choose 2 words from the Word Bank to complete an analogy. The super masters level provides additional challenge for those students who have mastered the other levels.

Skills Addressed

  • Categorizing
  • Vocabulary across content areas
  • Similarities and differences
  • Analogies
  • Comparison
  • Critical thinking
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