How God's Word Brings Light, Freedom, and Action to His People

by Jonathan Leeman
Publisher: Moody Press
Trade Paperback, 208 pages
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Here's a quote from Reverberation: "What's absolutely necessary for life and growth? Answer: God's Word working through God's Spirit." Jonathan Leeman's message is essential, and once he's demonstrated how essential the preaching and teaching of the Bible is to the life of the Church, you'll be hard pressed to disagree with him on any biblical basis.

Christians pay lipservice to the centrality of Scripture, but do we love and study it? Do pastors teach it faithfully? Do churches prioritize the education of congregants in the whole counsel of God? Leeman's answer is bleak, but he shows how these obstacles can be overcome if Christians are brought to a proper love and respect for the Bible.

In the first part of Reverberation, Leeman describes what the Bible is and does, showing how it undergirds all of Christian faith and work. The second part concentrates on the sermon as a faithful presentation of God's Word, and its threefold role as exposer of our sin, announcer of our salvation, and that which confronts believers with their appropriate response and duty.

The third and final part is about the "reverberation": the effects of Word and sermon in and through the covenant communities which receive them. These effects manifest in congregational worship, prayer, disciple-making, and evangelism. Leeman exhorts and encourages pastors and laypeople, especially those in churches which don't faithfully pursue the preaching of the Word.

Leeman is accessible and direct, gentle yet firm, convicting without being vindictive or inflammatory. He wants to see God's holy written revelation regain its place at the core of biblical Christianity. The Bible divides its opponents. It also unites those who trust in the Lord, and Leeman is clearly aiming for this unity. Reverberation is excellent and highly recommended.

Review by C. Hollis Crossman
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Summary Affirms the centrality of the faithful preaching of God's Word to the life of the church.

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