Renaissance, Reformation and Exploration

Renaissance, Reformation and Exploration

1400 to 1600

by Michelle Miller
Publisher: TruthQuest History
Spiralbound, 140 pages
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Michelle writes: "Your children must understand the deep issues of this time period! It was such a crossroad! They will see two different responses develop to the spiritual emptiness of the late Middle Ages—an emptiness quite like that of our own age, so we can learn much."

"It was good for the people to seek truth, but where did they turn? Themselves? God?
How did the 'searchings' of the great artists, scientists, mathematicians, architects, businessmen, writers, philosophers, rulers, and explorers affect their awesome achievements?"

"This truth quest, and the decisions made in response, determined the future of many nations—those that were on their way to cataclysm and those headed for greater freedom."

"The issues are not Catholic vs. Protestant, as TruthQuest History explains, so people of both faiths can feel safe using this guide."

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