Reluctant Dragon (Abridged)

by Kenneth Grahame, Inga Moore (Illustrator)
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Hardcover, 52 pages
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With the help of a bright little boy, a poetic dragon defies stereotypes in a humorous tale by the author of THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, abridged and splendidly illustrated by Inga Moore.

Dragons are a scourge and must be abolished — at least, that's what all the villagers say. It doesn't seem to matter that this particular dragon wouldn't hurt a fly and is more than content to laze by his cave and make up poetry. He certainly doesn't want to fight, though it seems he will have no choice when St. George arrives on his warhorse with golden armor gleaming, carrying the longest, wickedest spear you ever did see. Still, the dragon does have one friend — the shepherd's son, a small boy with a great deal of sense and imagination. Will he find a way to solve the dragon¹s dilemma?

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