Reformed Faith

Reformed Faith

by Loraine Boettner
Publisher: P&R Publishing
Saddle-stitched, 28 pages
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Here is a brief and lucid exposition of the key doctrines of the Reformed faith pertaining to salvation. Dr. Boettner explains God's sovereignty, man's total helplessness, Christ's atonement, God's foreknowledge and foreordination, and the universalistic passages in Scripture. In so doing he clearly sets forth the contrast between Reformed and Arminian positions.

It also compares Arminianism and Calvinism in a handy side-by-side chart.

"We now have a near-perfect tool to propagate the precious truths of the Reformed faith and predestination.

I refer to a summary of the five points of Calvinism under the title The Reformed Faith. It is exceedingly helpful and can be distributed to an entire congregation, one to a family as there may be promise to read it. We have found this to be the best kind of investment."Rev. Donald C. Graham

Table of Contents:

  1. The Sovereignty of God
  2. Man's Totally Helpless Condition
  3. Christ's Atonement
  4. God's Foreknowledge
  5. The Universalistic Passages
  6. The Two Systems Contrasted>
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