Redwall Set (Trade Paperbacks)

Redwall Set (Trade Paperbacks)

by Brian Jacques, Troy Howell (Cover Artist)
Publisher: Firebird Press
Item: 48304
Trade Paperback
List Price: $230.78 Our Price: $173.03

Many teens (and younger) have bookshelves lined with fifteen or more Redwall series books. These inspiring stories of heroism, bravery and integrity involve an abbey called Redwall where a colony of brave mice live. The various books include battles, mysteries and adventures enough to grab a wide age range of readersall at 25% off!

Oh yes, it also includes plenty of descriptions of sumptuous food. To add to your enjoyment of the collection, we also recommend the Redwall Cookbook.

This set, published by Firebird Press, is comprised of trade paperback editions—slightly larger, nicer bound books with larger print and wider margins than the set available from Ace Publishing. They're a little more expensive, but we think the ease of reading these will be worth the difference in price.


Title Date Published Order
Lord Brocktree 2000 1
Martin the Warrior 1993 2
Mossflower 1988 3
Legend of Luke 1999 4
Outcast of Redwall 1995 5
Mariel of Redwall 1991 6
Bellmaker 1994 7
Salamandastron 1992 8
Redwall 1986 9
Mattimeo 1989 10
Pearls of Lutra 1996 11
Long Patrol 1997 12
Marlfox 1998 13
Taggerung 2001 14
Triss 2002 15
Loamhedge 2003 16
Rakkety Tam 2004 17
High Rhulain 2005 18
Eulalia 2007 19
Doomwyte 2008 20
Sable Quean 2011 21
Rogue Crew 2012 22


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