Binding the Wounds

Perspectives on History Series
by Cheryl Edwards (Editor)
Publisher: History Compass
Trade Paperback, 68 pages
Price: $7.95
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Historical Setting: America, late 19th Century

This anthology on the period of post-Civil War reconstruction focuses on the problems facing the freed slaves, carpetbaggers, Presidential policy vs. Radical Republicans, social and economic problems in the south, Black Codes, the KKK, and the move for the impeachment of Andrew Johnson. Primary sources include President Lincoln's Ten Percent Plan, a fascinating account from a former slave owner, a journal of a teacher working for the Freedman's Bureau, a portion of Booker T. Washington's Up From Slavery, Congressional hearings about abuses by the KKK, historic illustrations, and more. Amendments to the Constitution regarding slavery and civil rights are also discussed.

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