Realms of Gold

Realms of Gold

The Classics in Christian Perspective

by Leland Ryken
Trade Paperback, 230 pages
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Throughout history, great literature has been a cohesive force in Western culture. It interprets our experiences and tells us the truth about our fears and longings. It is a catalyst to our thinking and an invaluable index to the minds and feelings of people around us.

In Realms of Gold, Leland Ryken proceeds chronologically through some of the best of the best, from Homer through Shakespeare to Camus, offering not only a taste of the classics, but a framework in which to analyze them.

For students studying literature, this book serves as an introduction to the classics as friends; for those who have not read them in a long time, it is a motivation to renew delightful acquaintances; for people who already know the classics as intimate friends, it offers the opportunity to renew acquaintance within a Christian context.

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