Real Book About Easy Music-Making

Real Book About Easy Music-Making

by Joseph Leeming
Publisher: Garden City Books
1952nd Edition, ©1948, Item: 65159
Hardcover, 192 pages
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A collection of rudimentary instructions on how to play practically every instrument in the symphony orchestra, by an author with three good activity books on his record. A short introduction highlights the facts that the elements of music are simple and that you are your own best teacher.

Musical ABC's- notes, clefs, keys, scales and a little harmony are clearly explained before the listings of families of instruments and how to play the most important ones- piano, ukulele, guitar, violin, clarinet, saxophone, traps, and on down to the ocarina.

Each set of instructions involves a description of the instrument, what it sounds like, how it is tuned, its range, how it is played. Though omissions like the all important mellowing function of vibrato in the violin family, are sometimes noticeable, this is adequate for the amateur or one who wants to know a little bit about a lot of instruments.

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