Reading Tutor's Toolkit

Reading Tutor's Toolkit

by Jean Schaber, Fred G. Aston
Publisher: Schaber & Aston
Perfectbound, 318 pages
Price: $19.95

A Reading Tutor’s Toolkit is the definitive, most comprehensive textbook for instructors and parents who want to help struggling children advance in their reading skills. Learn how to analyze the student’s reading level, understand the root causes of common reading errors, and work through exercises that will help the student unlearn bad habits.

The first half of the book teaches you how to be an effective reading tutor through the creation of reading inventories for students. Reading inventories are critical to understanding how readers are comprehending—or not comprehending—a portion of text.

From word use to cause and effect, reading inventories will tell you exactly where students are struggling. Once you zero in on the problem areas, you’ll use the lessons and activities in the second part of this guide to improve the child’s skills and develop a reading-level report for his or her teacher.

Whether you’re a tutor, a teacher’s assistant, a parent, or a student teacher, A Reading Tutor’s Toolkit is your essential guide to coaching struggling readers. And since advanced readers often outperform students in other areas, improving children’s reading gives them a gift they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.

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