Reading 3A and 3B - Teacher Edition Set

Reading 3A and 3B - Teacher Edition Set

3rd Edition, ©2016, Publisher Catalog #514836
Price: $91.11

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Please Note: At the $45 price, used copies do NOT include the novels and Booklinks. 

Reading 3 Teachers Edition (3rd ed.) contains 180 lessons including the traditional story guides and provides phonics and literary instruction, literal and higher-order discussion questions, and prereading and postreading activities to meet multiple learning styles. A Teacher’s Toolkit CD is provided with the Teacher’s Edition and includes many new features as well as products previously sold separately.

New Feature: The Reading 3 Teacher's Edition now includes guides and novels for two BJ BookLinks: The Case of the Dognapped Cat and These Are My People. Corresponding student novels are available for purchase separately.


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