Read and Understand Science 3-4

Read and Understand Science 3-4

Trade Paperback, 144 pages
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Read and Understand Science, Grades 3-4 presents stories that range from low-third grade to high-fourth grade in readability.

Topics presented include:

  • Life Science—role of sleep, the five senses, role of play in animals, bird habitats, importance of fire in an ecosystem, animal classification, wild animal adaptation to living near humans
  • Physical Science—how sound is produced, physical and chemical properties, states of matter, magnetism and compasses, heat and insulation, natural and artificial light
  • Earth & Space Science—soil, kinds of rocks, fossil fuels, the solar system, solar eclipse, hail, types of mountains, fossils and petrification
  • Science & Technology—biography of an engineer, sustainable agriculture, research into animal brain function, recycling, CT scans, use of Earth’s material resources
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