Read and Understand Poetry 4-5

Read and Understand Poetry 4-5

by Michael Ryall
Activity Books, 144 pages
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Read and Understand Poetry, Grades 4–5 contains 27 poem selections organized around these engaging themes:

  • Family Album
  • Wacky Words
  • Verse in Motion
  • The Work of Our Hands
  • On the Railroad
  • Water & Waves
  • From the Pages of History
  • Celebrate!

Included are poems by such well-known poets as Edward Lear; Walt Whitman; Alfred, Lord Tennyson; and Pat Mora.

The first follow-up activity emulates the format students are likely to encounter on standardized language arts tests.

Item content covers:

  • literal comprehension
  • sequence
  • word meaning
  • context clues & inferences
  • main idea and details
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