Memoir of a Better Era

by Sterling North
Publisher: Puffin Books
Mass market paperback, 189 pages
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Skunks, woodchucks, a crow named Poe, an absentminded father, and an 18-foot, half-finished canoe filling the living room—welcome to the North home! Rascal is only a baby when Sterling brings him home to join the menagerie. But soon the mischievous raccoon is ready to join Sterling in swimming, fishing, and camping excursions. They're partners and best friends for a year of adventure—until the spring day when suddenly everything changes.

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Exodus Rating
FLAWS: Mild violence
Summary: A raccoon helps a young man deal with his mother's death and his father's emotional distance.

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  A Realistic Animal Story
Reece of Washougal, 8/27/2016
This is a book about a boy who finds a baby raccoon and raises him. The boy names him Rascal, which is fitting. Rascal gets into all kinds of mischief. I like that the author is the boy and it's a true story. The book is a lot better than the movie!