Rand McNally World Wall Map

Rand McNally World Wall Map

M Series Ready-to-Frame 50 X 32

by Rand McNally and Company
Publisher: Rand McNally
Wal Map, ©2001, ISBN: 9780528020469
Price: $8.99

Staying up to date with world events and constantly changing political boundaries is easy with Rand McNally's World Wall Map.

This eye-catching wall map's combination of bold colors and detailed cartography make it a handy reference piece that's sure to stand out in any home, classroom, or office. This map looks great framed, too.

  • Gall Stereographic projection, which shows countries and continents truer to their relative size
  • Map centered on Africa allowing viewers to see continents complete and intact
  • Color-matching relief to show mountain ranges and other elevation changes
  • Clearly labeled country and city names for easy location
  • Latitude and longitude indications
  • Compact folded size for easy storage when not on the wall
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