Raising Musical Kids

Raising Musical Kids

Great Ideas to Help Your Child Develop a Love for Music

by Patrick Kavanaugh
Trade Paperback, 236 pages
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Written in concise, easy-to-understand language by a renowned composer and conductor, this book will help parents teach their children how to love music, and motivate them to develop their own musical interests. Includes tips for getting kids to practice.

Most of the hot topics concerning kids and music are genially addressed in this guide: generating enthusiasm, choosing an instrument, getting the most out of lessons, practicing (or not), broadening general musical knowledge, keeping the momentum, and more. Many of the suggestions are good, and the values stressed—both musical and otherwise—are admirable. Still, even parents with little musical background might find this book a bit simplistic. Much of the information presented is good common sense, and a more in-depth approach and concise writing style might have enhanced the book's effectiveness. 

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