Rainbow Book of American History

Rainbow Book of American History

by Earl Schenck Miers, James Daugherty (Illustrator)
1st Edition, ©1955, Item: 88014
Hardcover, 320 pages
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This is America! And this is its glowing, epic story, from the days of Viking expeditions to the birth of the atomic age. Here are the explorers, the Indians, the settlers and fur trappers, the soldiers, the statesmen, the men and women who have shaped our country and its destiny. It is a continuous tale of adventures, of wars, of industry and invention, of hardship and growth; it is an unparalleled tale of courage, high ideals, hard work—and a precious thing called Freedom.

Perhaps more happened, faster, in the history of this country than in any other. Earl Schenck Miers tells its story as it should be told; in terms of the great moments and events, and through the lives and experiences of individuals. Among the fifty chapters are included James Smith's own account of his capture by the Indians in 1755; excerpts from Davy Crockett's diary, telling of the last days of the Alamo massacre; a young Southern girl's description of the burning of Columbia, S.C., in the War Between the States. He has re-created unforgettably the hardships of a cattle drive; the inspiring story of how Booker T. Washington overcame great obstacles to build a school; the suspense that held America in a spell in 1927 when a young man named Lindbergh flew to Paris by himself.

This telling of the American story is dramatic, ever engrossing—and it is based on careful scholarship. The more than 200 illustrations by James Daugherty—most of them in color—are an integral part of the book. A great artist and a superb scholar-storyteller have joined forces to produce a memorable and heart-warming book about the country we love.

—from the dust jacket

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