by David Platt
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1st Edition, ©2010, ISBN: 9781601422217
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Jesus often said things calculated to drive people away. American Evangelicals, however, bend over backward to make everyone feel comfortable at church—they build gaudy facilities, water down the Gospel, and value entertainment over sound doctrine. David Platt is the pastor of just such a church....or was, until his convictions got the upper hand and led him to redirect his congregation toward a radical Christian life.

Platt's primary concern is missions. He's been overseas with Christian leaders and pastors in Third World countries, and been staggered by the contrast of American wealth and global poverty. He cites two newspaper articles side-by-side: one describes the new $23,000,000 campus of a local church, the other mentions $5,000 raised for a missions project. Where does the true poverty lie? In the addiction to comfort, wealth and hypocrisy that characterizes so many of our churches, suggests Platt.

He's careful to admit that there are many faithful Christians in churches across America. But he warns of stagnation in even the most devout worshiper that leads away from their true calling—winning souls and making disciples. Platt's newfound vision is overstated at times: it isn't the job of every Christian to do missionary work. But his chief concern, that the Church look like Christ's bride, is a message every Christian needs to be reminded of, and this well-reasoned and passionate plea does just that.

Review by C. Hollis Crossman
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FLAWS: An emphasis on works righteousness
Summary: Platt issues a much-needed call to taking one's faith seriously, but overcompensates by minimizing grace.

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  Very Important Book For American Christians
Miss Pickwickian of Oregon, 1/11/2011
David Platt challenges our commitment to Christ and His Church and what we think that means. He comes strait on and doesn't shy away from criticizing the current state of American churches or explaining basic (but sometimes complicated or unpopular theology).

The book is an easy 200 page read and the writing style is engaging. He uses a lot of stories from modern day Christians as well as quotes from previous saints.

His focus is on Matthew 10 and the Great Commission.

The author pastors a four-thousand member church but this book is about the failure and sometimes open hypocrisy of the megachurch of America and how they approach "missions"...a better and more accurate name for Platt's perception of it would be "life".

An absorbing, exciting, and deeply convicting book.