Radical Together

Radical Together

by David Platt
Publisher: Multnomah Books
1st Edition, ©2011, ISBN: 9781601423726
Trade Paperback, 165 pages
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David Platt makes many upsetting statements in Radical Together, his follow-up to Radical, but each one is designed to move Christians out of their comfort zones and into radical discipleship. His first book called individuals to live wholly dedicated to Christ; this one calls the church to trade worldliness for kingdom-oriented ministry.

Good things aren't always best and we often waste time and resources better spent elsewhere; the Gospel saves us from sin so we can serve Christ fully; the central function of the church for its growth and maturity is the preaching of God's Word; the church is made up of bad people who want to be good and trust Christ for salvation; God is perfectly self-centered—these are the shocking truths of the Gospel we all know and rarely understand.

Platt urges us to not only understand these things, but to love their truth and implement them communally. A pastor, he calls his colleagues in ministry and his colleagues in Christ, the whole church. We may be a people waiting anxiously for the end of the world (as he says in chapter five), but we're also called to serve Christ's Kingdom and advance His Word until the end comes.

There's nothing inherently wrong with fall carnivals or church basketball. But when did the value of church ministry become based on whether there's anything wrong with it rather than whether it's essentially right? His concern is palpable, but he's also gentle as he calls the people of God out of their collective lethargy to renewed devotion and active service in His name.

Radical was exactly the kind of book the Church (especially in America) needs. Radical Together follows the same theme, though it often feels like a repeat of the earlier book. While he broadens his focus, he doesn't give a lot of practical advice of the kind offered in Radical. Still, it's a valuable reminder, and those who enjoyed its predecessor will probably want to read Radical Together.

Review by C. Hollis Crossman
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Summary A call to the church at large to abandon worldliness and pursue Christian discipleship.

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  Convicting, Motivating, and Encouraging
Miss Pickwickian of Oregon, 8/27/2011
Pastor David Platt moves from his best selling book, "Radical," focusing on our own ambitions and expectations, to "Radical Together," a book that focuses on the position, responsibility, and power of a community of believers.

"Radical Together" is a call back to a Christ-centered vision for the Church--her energy, resources, and focus. All her programs and agendas might be good, but are they the best? What does the Bible say?

"Radical Together" focuses on both home-based discipleship and missions abroad, in a manner modeled after the Gospel.

"Radical Together" draws its arguments and conclusions from the character of God and the fallen state of Man. The Church is a body of sinful, messed up, complicated people...all wrong for this beautiful, momentous task, but together created for a weapon of victory.

We are called to be selfless followers of a self-centered God. He is not our slot machine. We are His servants. There is no greater joy than serving, glorifying, and enjoying Him as He has called us!

A book taking the Church this seriously is both refreshing and somewhat depressing... We've been doing a pretty rotten job.

David Platt is direct and engaging. He doesn't smooth over the tough stuff. If you aren't prepared to be convicted or spend time in serious evaluation, don't read this book.

Both "Radical" and "Radical Together" have given me a lot to think about and evaluate in my own priorities and attitudes. They are dangerous stuff.