Story About the Persecutions of Christians at the Time of Emperor Nero

by R. Weerstand
2nd Edition, ©2000, ISBN: 9781894666701
Trade Paperback, 162 pages
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Historical Setting: Rome, 64 A.D.

The history of the Church in 64 A. D. is written with blood and tears.

This book, based on historical facts, relates what happened in Rome in the summer of that year. It is a gripping chronicle. However the actual events that occurred are worse than can be related in a book for adolescents.

In the story we meet Quintus, the central character. He is a typical Roman boy, who through a number of ordeals experiences the grace of God.

His mentor is Davus, a copper-smith. He shows us some of the prejudices held by the heathen people in Rome against the Christians.

The story retells some of the most shocking deeds performed against the followers of Christ by Emperor Nero and his aides.

We also meet Aquila, Priscilla, Demas, Caecillia and others, all faithful Christians, called to witness of their faith.

This book gives more than one gathers from what is written above. It gives an impression of daily life of the first Christian community in Rome. It shows the difficulties that the heathen Romans placed in the path of the gospel, and how God worked events to His good.

Through God's grace the simple people held onto their faith.

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