Quests For Adventure

Quests For Adventure

Reader 2B

Publisher: A Beka Books
1st Edition, ©2017, Publisher Catalog #242888
Student Reader, 195 pages
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As you read through adventurous plots in phonetic-based stories, you’ll want a flashlight for exploring mysterious caverns, a rope for lassoing wild mustangs, and a Bible for discovering truth along the way!  This book is filled with classics and children favorites, including 15 stories and 27 poems and riddles. This is the second book (2b) in the Abeka Reading Program for 2nd grade. Each of the ten books gradually advance your students’ reading skills. Gr. 2.

Product Benefits

  • Character-building truths. As your students read stories about children and animals, they will learn many character qualities.
  • Focus on phonics.  Phonics-based reading with “Words to Practice” pages covering Charts 9-11.
  • Literary terms. Introduction to literary parts of a story by reviewing title, author, and main character, and highlighting term-plot.
  • Creative Writing.  Your students can celebrate their favorite character in the back of the book for creative writing and creative drawing.  These activities enhance and assess comprehension of story book characters.
  • Thinking Skills. At the end of stories, “Think About It” and “What Do You Think?” factual and inferential questions help to develop thinking skills and apply to real life situations.


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