Queer Person

Queer Person

by Ralph Hubbard
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This is a story of an outcast Indian boy, called "Queer Person" because he was a deaf-mute. He was a little boy of about four winters when he wandered into the camp of one of the largest Pikuni bands and was befriended by "Granny," an old woman almost as destitute as he was.

From that time on Granny and the boy lived precariously, tolerated by the Pikunis because of the wisdom of "Big Pipe," the chieftan, who sensed in Queer Person's eyes the "Spirit charm medicine" that might bring good to the tribe.

The story tells of Queer Person's growth to manhood, of his training, of the wonderful thing that happens to him, of the time he proves his bravery and takes his place as a great leader.

Ralph Hubbard, the author, lives on a Colorado ranch and is a special instructor on Indian lore for the Boy Scouts of America. His story is based partly on a legendary leader, like Queer Person, who was said to have existed among the Blackfeet Indians. It is an unusual picture of the life of these Indians before they were touched by civilization.

The many illustrations by Harold Von Schmidt—also a student of Indian life—are as distinctive as the story itself.

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