Queen's Most Honorable Pirate

Queen's Most Honorable Pirate

by James Playsted Wood, Leonard Everett Fisher (Illustrator)
Publisher: HarperCrest
©1961, Item: 87007
Library Binding, 184 pages
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Off the coast of a small Irish village, young Davy Purviance watches with horror as his father's pirate band is decimated in an attempt to plunder an English treasure ship. His father killed, Davy is taken to England, the country he hates, as the ward of a rich nobleman.

In spite of kind treatment, Davy longs for Ireland, the sea, and his old life as a pirate's son. But as the years go by, his longings are channeled into the knowledge that he can best work for Ireland by remaining in England.

For Davy has become influential. As one of Sir Francis Drake's proteges, Davy is brought to the Queen's attention. And as Sir David Purviance, he learns there are pirates and pirates—those who are knighted for robbery, and those who pay for it with their lives. The combination of a thrilling story and dramatic pictures perfectly conveys the lusty, sometimes cruel, always exciting Elizabethan England.

—from the dust jacket

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