Queen Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada

Queen Elizabeth and the Spanish Armada

World Landmark #13
by Frances Winwar
Publisher: Random House
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On the death of King Henry VIII, England was a land of turmoil and confusion. Henry had separated the Church of England from the Church of Rome, had had six wives, and left a ten-year-old son to rule.

The situation grew worse when the boy king died and was succeeded by his half-sister Mary, whose persecution of the Protestants earned her the name Bloody Mary.

No wonder there was rejoicing throughout England when Mary died in 1558 and Elizabeth became Queen of England! Under her rule the island empire grew in wealth and power despite the efforts of the mighty Spanish Empire to block its progress.

Then, in 1580, Queen Elizabeth bestowed knighthood on Francis Drake, who had plundered Spanish ships and towns without mercy. In so doing, she hurled defiance at Phillip II of Spain, who demanded Drake's head. The final showdown came when Elizabeth's tiny navy took on the 114 ships of Phillip's Invincible Armada in one of the most daring naval maneuvers in all history.

Readers of all ages will enjoy this dramatic account of the reign of England's beloved queen and her final triumph in world affairs.

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