Quarter Mile Math

Quarter Mile Math is a math drill game for grades K-9. From basic keyboarding to pre-algebra, it allows children to drill by racing (either cars or horses), first without a time limit, and then against their own times, as they improve their skills. The game graphics are simple—not the latest technology by any means!—but its simplicity is part of its brilliance. The Quarter Mile Math program is engaging without being distracting from its real purpose: practicing math skills. And it is extremely effective because it motivates students to do an incredible amount of math practice in a short period of time with very focused topics. We are pleased to make it available to you.

The award winning format is:

  • self-competitive
  • able to detect small improvements and give positive reinforcement
  • non-intimidating and non-age-specific
  • appropriate for both genders
  • effective for students with special needs and accelerated students
  • perfect for kindergartners and even adults!

How the Program Works:

Format: Problems appear one at a time. Your goal is to answer them as fast as you can. Each time you enter the answer correctly, your dragster or horse will go faster. You race against your five previous best races which are replayed on screen-six lanes with six dragsters or six riderless horses in all. The sooner you reach the finish line, the better your score will be. (You can switch between riderless horses and dragsters between races.)

Scores: Your score is your "elapsed time" for the race. It's based on how quickly you answer the problems AND how many you answer. The more you race, the faster you'll be able to answer the problems. Players can ALWAYS improve! And as you do, your elapsed time will become shorter. (Races last between thirty seconds and 2 1/2 minutes depending on the difficulty of the topic.)

Comparing and saving scores: The program displays your "top five average" elapsed time. This is the number to watch! You can compare your current "top five average" with your previous top five averages from previous racing sessions (and print that list out). If you wish, you can compare yourself with others playing in that topic. There are additional saving options and many more features.

Level Options:

The program is set up in 3 levels:
Level 1 is for K-3rd
Level 2 is for 4th-6th
Level 3 is for 6th-9th

You can choose only the level appropriate to your immediate needs if you wish, or you can save money by purchasing one of the three bundles.

Additional Information:

Topics covered in Quarter Mile Math 1 (PDF format)
Topics covered in Quarter Mile Math 2 (PDF format)
Topics covered in Quarter Mile Math 3 (PDF format)

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