Quaint and Curious Quest of Johnny Longfoot

Quaint and Curious Quest of Johnny Longfoot

by Catherine Besterman, Warren Chappell (Illustrator)
Publisher: Bobbs-Merril Co
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One beautiful day, when the sun was as bright as a new-polished shoe, Johnny's father said, "Johnny, my son, my only shoemaker's apprentice and Shoe King's son, it is dark and damp in our basement shop, and I see that your cheeks are pale. That's a bad sign. How about a trip to the country?"

Johnny agreed that he was very tired of smelling all the different kinds of leather. A short vacation would help tremendously. After a few weeks of rest he would be so healthy he could make even more beautiful shoes.

The Longfoots had relatives in the north, relatives in the south, relatives in the west and relatives in the east. All these kinfolk lived in the country and would be happy to have Johnny come for a visit. But his father finally decided that he should go to Uncle Lucas, who owned two thousand acres of land and could wear if he wanted to not one but twenty pairs of shoes at the same time. Johnny knew, of course, this did not mean his Uncle Lucas had twenty pairs of legs, but simply that he had a great deal of money. His father often boasted how very, very thrifty Uncle Lucas was.

Johnny's father gave him a handsome red leather box that contained the Longfoot family's dearest possession—a set of the best shoemaking tools in all the world. He lent his son his own best coat and polished his boots for three hours. And then Johnny set out on the strangest and most wonderful vacation.

Just because Uncle Lucas was so extremely thrifty, Johnny was to meet some curious people and some extraordinary animals. He was to go on the most curious quest a Shoe King's son—or any boy, for that matter—ever undertook. An odd assortment of traveling companions was to join his great expedition. He was to cross high snow-covered mountains and foamy seas and land on a coral island as red as blood. He was to find that magic has not vanished from the world. He was to see things and do things that would have unexpected and amazing effects not only on himself, but also on his father and on thrifty Uncle Lucas.

Johnny's quest was always to be an exciting one, full of surprises and dangers. But he was to discover how helpful animals, birds and fish can be to a Shoe King's son who goes armed with the best set of shoemaking tools and a good disposition and a quick wit.

This delightful story is based on an old tale the author originally wrote with S. Romin in Poland, and later told to her son. Because he and his friends enjoyed it so much she has developed this book-length version, and Warren Chappell has designed and illustrated the charming book which makes these gay imaginings so entertaining and absorbing. Any child who loves fairy tales and folk tales will recognize here some of their favorite elements, as well as the authentic tone of wonder and humor and marvelous extravagance. Mr. Chappell's pictures understand and enhance the quaint and curious spirit of Johnny Longfoot.

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Sequel: The Extraordinary Education of Johnny Longfoot in His Search for the Magic Hat

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