Africans of the Congo Forest

Sonia Bleeker's Tribes of Africa
by Sonia Bleeker, Edith G. Singer (Illustrator)
©1968, Item: 86783
Hardcover, 143 pages
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Although the Pygmies are widely known for their small size, surprisingly little additional information is available about them. At home in the depths of the Congo rain forests, these Africans have had little contact with the outside world. In the fourth title of her series on African tribal groups, Dr. Bleeker turns her attention to these appealing people and presents a well-rounded picture of their way of life.

The Pygmies dwell in small, nomadic bands, and so the book begins with an account of a typical group of Mbuti Pygmies moving the location of their camp. Other chapters follow on their hunting customs, family structure, religion and history. A high point in the narrative is the explanation of the Molimo ceremony, which is a haunting memorial honoring the dead. The author calls it one of the most beautiful rituals ever developed by a people, and her description movingly conveys the reassurance it provides.

Enhanced by a number of carefully researched line drawings, this valuable study will be of highest interest to every student of anthropology.

—from the dust jacket

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