Put That In Writing Level Two

Put That In Writing Level Two

Mastering the Essay

by Steve Barrett, Shari Barrett
Publisher: Barrett's Bookshelf
Spiralbound, 331 pages
Price: $74.95

Recommended for grades 9-12, for students who have background in grammar and a mastery of paragraphs, the primary objective of Put That in Writing Level Two is the mastery of essays. After a brief review of material from Level One, students start by creating standard 5-paragraph essays. Subsequent lessons then introduce other essay components, adding one at a time to the standard form and progressively leading students into the production of full classical form essays. along the way, the students learn to employ various types of creative introductions and conclusions, and to add interesting figures of speech to their writing.

The book includes 24 units, each of which includes an easy-to-read lesson and ten exercises that walk the students through daily tasks. Each major essay assignment in this course progresses in a three-unit cycle:

  • Unit 1 - Student studies essay type and follows steps to construct a thesis and the body of the essay.
  • Unit 2 - Student studies introduction and conclusion types and follows steps for completing the essay.
  • Unit 3 - Student edits and improves the graded essay from Unit 2 and practices types of response writing.

Response writing practice during the third unit of each cycle serves to prepare students for answering essay questions, responding to prompts, and responding to articles and essays.

Put That in Writing Level Two is a comprehensive essay curriculum. For those who have found other curricula lacking in content and clear instruction, this textbook targets your need. Students completing this course acquire a complete repertoire of writing tools and strategies. Level Two builds on concepts learned in Level One and prepares your student for the quality of writing expected as he or she advances through high school, to college, and into a profession.

Course Objectives:

Types of Essays:

  • Mastering the 5-paragraph format
  • Mastering classical composition
  • Practicing various introductions and conclusions
  • Evaluating types of appeal
  • Following APA documentation
  • Doing Research
  • Employing figures of speech
  • Responding to extemporaneous topics
  • Varying standard essay forms


Table of Contents
To the Teacher
Unit 5
Unit 6
Unit 9
Unit 18
Unit 19
  • Historical Figure
  • Comparison
  • Narrative
  • Cause and effect
  • Precis and Abstract
  • Deliberative
  • Judicial
  • Ceremonial
  • Response Essays

Unlike Level One, this book includes the Answer Key at no additional charge.

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