Put That In Writing Level One

Put That In Writing Level One

by Steve Barrett, Shari Barrett
Publisher: Barrett's Bookshelf
2nd Edition, ©2010, ISBN: 9780972873130
Spiralbound, 211 pages
Price: $54.95
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This is a textbook which prepares students for the writing skills needed in high school, college, and work settings. Formal academic writing differs from journaling and creative writing in that it emphasizes the use of analysis and reasoning to prove a contention.

Through progressive lessons, Put That In Writing Level One trains students in techniques for developing paragraphs with strong topic sentences and supporting points that are both logical and topical. Each chapter includes brief instructions with ample illustrations that are easily taught in a classroom or homeschool setting. Detailed daily exercises walk the student through each day's tasks and permit teachers to easily track student progress. Paragraph assignments are broken down into simple steps and follow a three-week cycle:

  • Week 1 - Student Follows steps to construct an assigned paragraph.
  • Week 2 - Student follows steps for researching and preparing notes for a timed-write in class.
  • Week 3 - Student corrects and edits the graded paragraph from week one.

Put That In Writing Level One is a complete and integrated writing curriculum. For those who have found other writing curricula lacking in content and clear instruction, this textbook meets the need. Students learn not only to follow standard paragraph form, but also how to make one's writing creative and interesting by adding style points and literary devices. Drills strengthen grammatical understanding. Various paragraph types are taught. Students learn to properly document research. Put That In Writing Level One is the textbook that will prepare your student for the quality of writing expected as he advances through school and into a profession.

Please note that the answer key/test bank is NOT included. It may be purchased separately.

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