Purposeful Homemaking

When you were a little girl did you dream of being a wife and mommy? Or were your goals more glamorous and ambitious? If your aspirations were domestic, did you know what the job was really going to be like?

Now that you do have a home and a family, do you wake up every morning happy and fulfilled? Or do you roll out of bed thinking of nothing but the drudgery of dishes, dirty clothes and the dozens of mundane duties that lie ahead?

Whether you are in the midst of diaper days or coordinating complicated schedules, whether you have ten people to care for or one, most of the tasks that face a homemaker are a bit less than glamorous. It can be hard to maintain a heavenly perspective when surrounded by such earthy tasks. This life is temporary, passing like the wind, but the chores seem to eternally pile up. What’s the point of it all anyway?

Sometimes you have to stop and reorient that perspective, to remember that these tasks are God-given. There is nothing better than to rejoice and do good in this life, whether it is the one you always wanted or just the one you ended up in. When you get up in the morning and face all the drudgery, remember that: there is “nothing better” than all this! God has made everything beautiful in its time and He has put eternity into your heart. Because of that you can eat and drink and enjoy the good of all your labor, no matter how mundane. It is His gift to you.

Waking up with this kind of attitude will totally transform the way you go about your day. Don’t just trudge through your life as a keeper at home. Make the most of it! Live it with purpose and drive. Because it does matter. The way you keep your home does effect the world, for good or ill. Make your home a haven of peace, not a center for distress. Don’t just eat and sleep at home, utilize it as a base of operations to impact a sinful world.

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