Purloined Boy

Purloined Boy

Weirdling Cycle Book 1
by C. R. Wiley
Publisher: Canon Press
2nd Edition, ©2017, Publisher Catalog #FC-151
Trade Paperback, 291 pages
List Price: $13.95 Sale Price: $11.86

The doors were locked and the windows were latched the night the bogeyman kidnapped Trevor.

Trevor Upjohn was stolen by bogeys and taken far away to the unearthly kingdom of Superbia. Most kids can't remember where they came from, but Trevor's own memories launch him on a collision course with the grand kitchen of the bogeys, fishers, a guild of humans and their magical tree, a dark sorcerer, spiders, and much more. Trevor must choose whether to help out his newfound friends or continue his search for a home he scarcely knows.

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What People Are Saying:

"This very competent work should appeal to middle grade readers and imagines a world in which children are stolen away from their families. Trapped in Superbia, where stolen boys and girls are watched over by guardians until they become food for the bogeys, Trevor wakes up in cold sweats every night from terrifying dreams. With the help of a spunky mouse named Zephyr and a clever girl named Maggie, Trevor escapes from Superbia and is reunited with Epictetus, a friendly slave from Superbia who is also a member of the Guild of the Sun-Eaters. After being pulled in two directions by guild members with opposing visions, Trevor finds that his greatest mission and adventures lie in the future. ...this jaunty outing—and its cliffhanger ending—could be just the beginning of Trevor's story." -Publishers Weekly

"A story that anybody can appreciate and indeed thrill to, but whose deeper foundations can be glimpsed by those with eyes to see. -Gilbert Magazine, the official publication of The American Chesterton Society

"A fantasy world to rival the most unique." -FlashlightWorthyBooks.com

"A great story, ...a pleasure to read. ...beautifully written...." -Teensreadtoo.com

"Everything that kids look for in Young Adult books and more. ...a major find and certainly a joy to read." -Fantasy Book Critic

"Took me completely by surprise. ...Mortimus Clay's writing style is absolutely charming and sinister all in the same breath..." -DreamStuffBooks.com

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