Puritan Daily Devotional Chronicles

Puritan Daily Devotional Chronicles

by Isaac David Ellis Thomas (Editor)
Trade Paperback, 381 pages
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Puritanism, as a Christian attitude and conviction regarding faith, service and doctrinal purity, can be dated to the 1550's. The Puritans were known as scholars and theologians who thought that the Protestant Reformation, and subsequently, the Church of England, had not gone far enough in purging out the leaven of papacy and Roman Catholicism. These churchmen sought to further reform the church to teach and preach only the Gospel of Jesus Christ and biblical truths as set forth in the New Testament and further declared in the Pauline Revelation.

Although some Puritans were involved in the work of the King James Bible, the King disliked the Puritans and threateded to exterminate them; therefore, they were among those who first came to the new land seeking religious freedom.

Puritans like John Adams, John Harvard, and Johnathan Edwards were instrumental in forming the educational, governmental and spiritual foundations of the United States.

This book of devotions by some of the most noted Puritans in history are daily reminders that we must return to our foundational roots if America is to prosper and endure.

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