Pueblo Indians

Pueblo Indians

by Sonia Bleeker, Patricia Boodell (Illustrator)
©1955, Item: 86782
Hardcover, 155 pages
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Young Hawk stepped out of his adobe house into the brilliant morning sunlight. Already the women and girls were climbing down the pueblo ladders to perform their daily errands. Young Hawk, together with the men and the other boys, was about the spend they day working in the cornfields along the banks of the Rio Grande. He was looking forward to a communal rabbit hunt which would provide meat for one of the religious festivals so important in the life of these hard-working Indians.

Young Hawk lived over four hundred years ago, but the civilization of the Pueblo Indians, already well advanced before any white settlers came into their lands, has changed very little since his day. Through his eyes we follow the daily lives of his people until the first Spanish conquest of the Southwest in 1598. Miss Bleeker brings their story up to the present day, showing how they have adapted old beliefs and traditions to a modern world.

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