Prudence & the Millers

Prudence & the Millers

Miller Family Series
by Mildred A. Martin
2nd Edition, ©1996, ISBN: 9781884377037
Trade Paperback, 192 pages
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Join the Miller family as they learn about health, safety, and courtesy. Each story includes a Scripture passage as a principle and illustrates various aspects of prudent living. Read about the foolish joke that ended in tragedy; the embarrassing consequences of not getting enough sleep; how Timmy gets lost in a big store, and the Mother's Day fire! 27 stories in all.


1) Prudence
2) Timmy and the Lion
3) Sleepy Sharon
4) A Healthy Conscience
5) Keeping Myself Clean
6) Five Brushes for Laura
7) "Hot-shot" Henry
8) "Four-Eyes"
9) A Little Fire
10) Sharon Does the Cooking
11) The Breath of Life
12) "Help! I'm Drowning!"
13) Timmy's Tummy
14) Safety at Home
15) Being Thoughtful
16) Laura's Long Nose
17) Play the Man
18) Laura Learns to be a Lady
19) "Thy Neighbor's House"
20) The Zoo in the Kitchen
21) The "Weird Family"
22) Gratitude
23) Timmy's Trip to Town
24) Those Horrible Habits
25) Telephone Trouble
26) In the House of the Lord
27) Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother

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