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Statistics is a mathematical science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. It is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, from the natural and social sciences to the humanities. Statistics is also used for making informed decisions in government and business.

Statistical methods can be used to summarize or describe a collection of data; this is called descriptive statistics. In addition, patterns in the data may be modeled in a way that accounts for randomness and uncertainty in the observations, and then used to draw inferences about the process or population being studied; this is called inferential statistics. Both descriptive and inferential statistics comprise applied statistics. There is also a discipline called mathematical statistics, which is concerned with the theoretical basis of the subject.

The word statistics is also the plural of statistic (singular), which refers to the result of applying a statistical algorithm to a set of data, as in economic statistics, crime statistics, etc.

This category is primarily intended for items that specifically focus on statistics. Several math textbooks that cover statistics briefly are not included in this category because they primarily focus on other topics like Algebra (e.g. Bob Jones' Algebra 1 & 2 and A Beka's Algebra 2). To see these, enter "statistic" into our search box or click here.

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Life of Fred: Statistics (Expanded Edition)
by Stanley Schmidt
Expanded from Polka Dot Publishing
for 11th-12th grade
in Life of Fred Math (Location: MAT-FRED)